The Untitled’s: Part II

Untitled No. 7

Be a lover, not a fighter,
Let your soul be ever brighter
As the grey sky fades yet darker
And the starry clouds seem to beckon
Us to tiptoe up to heaven.
November melancholy night
Hangs in balance, all is right.
Trembling words are hushed by silence,
All is quiet, dark is lighter
As the light is darkening.
Turning star-lit skies into raindrops,
Dropping bits of hapless wisdom
Into eyes of foolish girls.
Try to change their ways and fates,
Hoping not to live in crates,
Or be barred by the prison’s gates,
And be left to their devices.
Let them free. Become the righteous.
Be a lover, not a fighter,
Let your soul be ever brighter.

Untitled No. 20

Haunted halls I wander through
Where creatures scramble, two by two.
Lost amongst their paws and patterns,
I forget all that has mattered.
Now my past is all forgotten,
And I find I am besotted
By the beauty of creation
From my God’s imagination.
Colors unknown before his making.
With each footstep, universe shaking.
My heart is captured by his love,
My soul lost in stars above,
For he created them and me,
And fills my head with endless dreams.

Untitled No. 6

I lay on my back,
On the floor,
In an empty room.
Curtains flutter
Away from the open window.
In my hand
I hold the note,
A solitary sheet
Of plain white paper,
On which he’d written
His single dream
Of finally being
Happy, truly happy,
With nothing but me.
Little did he know
That was his last day alive,
That he’d depart from this earth
Before the moon appeared
In her window in the sky.
I lay on my back,
On the floor,
In an empty room.
Longing, painful,
Until, at last,
I fall asleep
To join my lost love.

Untitled No. 9

Up on you,
Never to
What’s become
Of your joyous
For it’s vanished
Into darkness,
And forever
It has
Gone away.

Untitled No. 10

Dusky meadows,
Waters sweet
Trickle over
My bare feet.
Breezes blow
And toss my hair.
Should I wander?
Do I dare?
Yes, I do, and so
I prance
Across the field
And start to dance.
Through the trees,
Across the stream,
Like a fairy
In a dream.
All alone,
I twirl and spin,
With happiness
And joy within.

©The Wild Poesy, 2012-2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

The Untitled’s: Part II

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