Deep Breath: A Poem

Deep Breath

Hello earth,
Enormity green and blue and bright.
Beings wandering,
Uncollected like yet-to-be-found shells
On some seashore somewhere,
Stumble like cubs
Out of the dark and into the sun.
Deep breath, deep breath,
Set a course straight ahead,
They begin a walk,
A great undertaking,
A weird and massive adventure,
So humongous and named so small,
They walk and undertake and adventure
Around the green-blue-bright,
Through the dark corners,
Over the wooden bridges
And down the black asphalt roads
That sometimes lead nowhere
And sometimes lead somewhere.
Magic is found,
But less often than that sword
That is so expert at slashing open old wounds
And slicing in new ones.
Magic is hard to find,
The sword is everywhere.
Deep breath, deep breath,
Keep going despite pain.
Beings wandering,
Stumbling drunk and devastated,
Bumping into someone,
Seeing eyes.
They walk awhile together,
The two stumbling beings,
And they trip
And fall into that other small word,
Scrambling, they go with each other,
Walking long roads,
Undertaking magnificent tasks,
Adventuring vagabonds are they.
They can see magic in each other,
But the sword is no stranger to them,
And the wounds that open in one
Pour into the other,
And their pain is the same.
They travel along together, on a long road,
Through the green-blue-bright
And dark corners,
And end up nowhere one day
And somewhere the next.
And they could go on and on and on forever.
The sword recurs
And slashes at the beings.
The one protects the other, but is no match.
Fatal fall of the sword,
The magic glows brilliantly
In one and fades.
The other is left,
Alone and very quiet.
Deep breath, deep breath,
And there spreads out in the expanse
Another so small word,
But so extensively filled with meaning,
The being stumbles again,
First time in so long
On the green-blue.
The bright is gone,
Magic has vanished into the dark corners
And cannot be called back.
Falling and dragging, devastated,
Without the one
Is so hard, impossible,
For the other.
So the stumbling cub of a being,
Long here now,
Close to running out of walks
And undertakings
And adventures,
Crosses one last bridge,
Follows one last black asphalt road,
Falls, broken and unable to be fixed.
Stumbling drunk and hopelessly beyond caring.
Deep breath, deep breath,
Deep breath.
The magic is back,
But only for an instant,
Only a whisper,
A deep breath.

©The Wild Poesy, 2012-2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

Deep Breath: A Poem

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