chime: a poem

chime: a poem

Plant: A Poem


There is something in my heart

That hurts

And won’t leave


What began as an ache

Easy to ignore

Begins to beat with my pulse

Stronger with each breath


And it feels like my heart is a drum

A rap a riot a tattoo a fistfight

A blade with nothing to sink into


Oh heart oh heart

Your pain is not to be ignored

Do not bury it away



Oh heart

Take your ribcage full of hurt

And plant it in the soft soil


And oh heart I see the bruise where you beat


But have one breath of patience

And the pain

Oh the pain you planted

Has been held long enough

In handfuls of good earth


And oh

Oh my heart



You have been hiding all along

In a field of flowers

And here oh heart

It does not hurt

Plant: A Poem